Category: Illustration

  • Rabbit Heart

    Rabbit Heart

    Summary: Lyrics from Florence + the Machine’s song “Rabbit Heart” depict a girl comparing herself to a rabbit, frozen and vulnerable, suggesting she’s made a significant sacrifice.

  • Oranda goldfish

    Oranda goldfish

    For some reason, I really like oranda goldfish. I’m endlessly entertained by their reflective scales, their long graceful tails that look like flowing veils, and their clumsy way of swimming. This fascination is reflected in the way I paint them. They endow me with a feeling of peace and fascinate me. This is an oil…

  • Sarracenia ‘Reptilian Rose’

    Sarracenia ‘Reptilian Rose’

    Many years ago I used to grow carnivorous plants. Plants from the Sarracenia genus were by far my favorites. With their large, attractive hoods and their beautiful colors, their pitchers look more like flowers than leaves, and they can last for months. This particular cultivar is named ‘Reptilian Rose’. Fresh pitchers have a pleasant scent,…

  • The Grudge

    The Grudge

    This is a partial rework of a paiting from 2020. This painting has a lot to do with mental health and self-love, or lack thereof. It was made in a moment of my life when I was contending with searing anger, rejection, and grief. Yet anger can be a sign of self-love. It means you…

  • Don’t look away

    Don’t look away

    Have the guts to face depression and its ugly, shriveled face. Don’t look away.

  • Dutchies


    Baby Dutch rabbits. Painted with Krita.